Special General Meeting - Monday 22 May 2017

At the Annual General Meeting on March 8 2017, some minor amendments to our constitution were proposed that were unanimously accepted by all members present. Following the acceptance by members we duly submitted the changes to the NSW Fair Trading as required by NSW legislation.


Fair Trading have subsequently advised us that we did not provide our members the required notice of 21 days; we only provided 16 days notice. Our U3A constitution states that we need to provide our members with 14 days notice of any business to be transacted at such meetings and we were unaware that amendments to the constitution required the longer period of 21 days. As such we are unable to register the changes with Fair Trading at this stage. To overcome this problem we need to hold a Special General Meeting of members where the business of the meeting will be to adopt the revised constitution.


The Special General Meeting will be held in the Small Hall of the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre at approximately 4pm on Monday 22 May 2017. The meeting will commence following the Forum by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute which starts at 2pm. Members will be advised at least 21 days beforehand with an Agenda that sets out the motion in detail.


Please click here to download a copy of our current constitution with the March 2017 changes incorporated.


Code of Conduct and Complaints Policy


Like all U3As, ours is built around interactions between people. All of us have roles: as students/participants, tutors and group leaders, coordinators and helpers, committee and working group members. We also have important relationships with outside people, particularly the staff of the venues where classes are held. It’s the communication and cooperation between all these parties that makes U3A Nambucca Valley run so well. We need to keep it that way.


Your committee has adopted a code of conduct to make sure that all of us, in whatever role we are acting, are aware of our responsibilities to each other and to this organisation. Also provided are guidelines for making and dealing with complaints or grievances, should they arise. Please click here to download a copy.